About us


01 Our Brand Manifesto

We were people in airplane mode, we followed the flow of things without actually feeling them. Our cubicles were our day to day, 14 hours in front of a screen without speaking, looking at each other, or listening to each other. Our senses went numb. Our lifestyle consumed us.

2020 arrived. The pandemic arrived.

We had to lock ourselves up and forbid ourselves from hugging each other. By taking away our freedom we had to realize what was really important. We discovered new hobbies, we picked up things we had left behind, we started dancing and looking for a new way of living. When our freedom was taken away, we became more sensitive, more connected and more human.

We turned off airplane mode. We woke up. We realized that we are the ones that guide our lives, and not our work. We are connected. Now, we look for balance. We can start living the life we ​​always wanted, in the place we choose. Beach, sun, mountain, city, town. We are connected.


We are facilitators, we believe in the new lifestyle, where you choose how to live and where to work.”


We are supported by one of the largest construction companies in the country.

The companies vision; “To be the leading company in the construction industry in Costa Rica, through: Maintaining innovation and excellence in projects as a general construction contractor. Being an ally of our clients by providing responsible, efficient and safe proposals and solutions, protecting the environment, to achieve high quality works, in strict adherence to our commitments and principles of ethics and integrity.”


04 Brands we’ve worked with

Become was created with the help of a group of companies, here in Costa Rica, that gave us the opportunity to work with talented people including architects, construction and structural engineers, interior designers, pool designers and many more, who collaborated in the design and production process to bring our ideas to life.