Condo Complex


01 Feel at home.

We created a place thinking like you. In every single detail you need to feel at home.


01 The Project

Become is always searching for the perfect balance. This is why we created a place where you can have it all. Our condo complex and work center is designed to give you the opportunity to achieve and excel both in your work and your life.


We present to you the experience of living in a tropical remote place but with all your needs covered, with spaces that allow you to focus on your well being, stimulate your creativity, inspire you to work, socialize and meet new people. We believe that truly living is about being your best self.


03 What we Offer

At Become we have everything covered to make you feel at home in the best tropical environment. We offer a large number of amenities for the enjoyment of all guests.

  • Fully Furnished

  • Kitchen Fully Equipped

  • Washing and Drying Machine

  • Private Storrage

  • Pool Area

  • Proximity to the Beach

  • Air Conditioning

  • Private Parking

  • High Speed Wifi

  • Private Balcony or Terrace

  • Working Center

  • Variety of Activities


04 Pool Area

Knowing how important it is to enjoy time outside, we aimed to create a very unique pool with a circular design long enough to have a 18 meter lap for swimming. The pool includes two islands where you can sunbathe in shallow waters and have a safe place for the kids to play. It also has a fire pit that creates an amazing night scenery and a jacuzzi. Around the pool you will find a deck, perfect for yoga or any activity and a multipurpose social area.